Weight 222 lbs

Height: 5'9"

Promotions Worked For: BSW, CSWA, CWF, DSW, IWA (TX), NSWA, NWA Mississippi, SCW (LA), SCW (MS), SIWA, WCCW, UWF

Titles Held:
CURRENTLY: BSW Heavyweight, WCCW Heavyweight, LPPW Hardcore Champion
BSW Hardcore-CSWA Hardcore-DSW Southern Parishes- SCW(MS) Intercontinental-SIWA Heavyweight
CWF Tag (w/"Awesome" Al Savage)-SIWA Tag (w/Bryan Hart)-SIWA Tag (w/Nathan Storm)- UWF Tag (w/Bryan Hart)

Currently in the tag team Weapons Of Mass Destruction (w/ Hyrda Pharoah)

Signature Moves: Plane Crash Moonsault, The 9-11, Arabian Corkscrew, Ground Zero Clutch

Toughest Opponent: Bryan Hart

Favorite Match: vs Bryan Hart DSW Houma, LA 8/15/02

Trainer: Rod Price (1997)

Biggest Influence In Wrestling: My father, Willie Kimble

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